Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Life of a Temp

The life of a temp can be exciting, different and exhausting. Not only do assignments change but so do workplaces, colleagues (though as a temp everyone seems to be the boss) and dress codes.

I've committed to try and keep a good, positive attitude through this experience. I'm thankful for the work. I've had 4 assignments in 3 weeks and dealt with a number of different personalities. I've made a fool out of myself, gotten lost on foot from the metro and learned to try and enjoy myself.

This weeks edition of The Life of a Temp will recap why this weeks assignment calls me a klutz and accident prone.

Monday: First day at new assignment. Bloody nose at 10am.
The environment is nice, they are friendly and welcoming. They invite me to lunch where I get a glass of what I think is tea. Put a lime and sugar in it and in front of my coworkers take a huge swig of LIME COFFEE. Embarrassing.
Drop a box while moving offices around, papers and stuff spill out all over the floor

Will I be back for day 2?

Tuesday: 1 Day Assignment with an old guy and a middle aged guy. First thing out of the girl in charge mouth: "Hi I'm Heather...wait no I'm not, I'm Erin." I knew it was going to be a good day.

Old guy is a bit charming, but has his dirty old moments. Middle aged guy just talks a lotta crap. Quotes such from Austin Powers and Will Ferrell all day. I asked Kevin (sweet old guy) if he was married and he said "only forever" and I about melted!

At the end Kevin wanted to take me to see parts of the Berlin wall that are apparently here in Dallas. It was really weird because I have a postcard with these 2 pieces on it up on my wall!

Of course dirty guy had to make a comment. I had no idea this pic was like this:

Wednesday: The longer assignment I'm on let me come back. ;) Spent the day decorating their haunted house for Monday. I kept dropping stuff, AHH. I broke a Christmas ornament.

Thursday: I think I was pretty much accident free. We ate at Genghi's Grill 2 days in a row with a coupon. HALF OFF!

Friday: Spent my day cutting yarn for halloween and preparing for the Murder Mystery Game. At the dinner party my coworker makes a comment about how I should have been the klutzy girl referring to my week of accidents. It was pretty funny and true!

The party was a heck of a lot of fun. I brought papa with me and he was the victim aka dead half the night. I was a heavyweight boxer and had to be "aggressive" all night. HAHA it was funny.

Keeping fashion in the workplace can be a job in and of itself! Especially when you are told to be business professional and have had the pleasure of inheriting a lot of nice, expensive suits. So I've been challenged my Suzanna to keep my personality in my day to day work experiences!

Now, I only wore an actual suit jacket once this week. But I'd like to get a couple tailored to fit nicely because as the weather gets cooler, you can dress up any fashionable outfit with a nice suit jacket.

The outfits go: Mon - Tues - Thurs - Fri
Wed outfit was real cute. I'll reenact it later.