Friday, November 6, 2009

Tinkle Tally?

PLEASE NOTE for future reading...
I have relinked this blog to:

I've always been convinced I pee more than the average human being...until I met Lisa. In the office I've created a bathroom break tally to determine who pee's the most. I'm not sure if I want to "win" or not...its just what I do. So when Lisa goes to the bathroom she'll just yell out "1" or "3" or whatever number she's on. Today I'm pretty sure I only saw Hillary go to the bathroom once. So does that make Lisa and I weird or Hillary?

Thursday I brought a half an avocado and some sprouts to add to the salad. I forgot to bring my camera to lunch, AGAIN! Today I fasted lunch and spent an awesome 30 minutes in God's presence. Like I was IN the office soaking in Him. It was rad and I just thought of what kind of change that could bring to an atmosphere. So cool!

I had a pretty steady project all week that kept me outta the hole. YAY. So this is my demonstration of "drowning in paper work."

Part of the fun I've experienced with this temping thing is that Saphraine, mom and I all carpool together! Some days we leave at 645 and some days we leave at 745 depending on Saphraine's schedule. Corin and I have even had the pleasure of driving in together and catchin up on each others lives. The carpool lane is an experience in and of itself! One day Corin and I got stuck behind someone going like 40MPH the whole time. The time's driving have been filled with catching up and swapping work stories. I really enjoy the drive to and from work to spend with my family!

Though I did have to wait 45 minutes yesterday to be picked up and once I got to work 90 minutes early...but we'll look at the brighter side of things!

Hillary exclusive:
Today Hillary hollers out of her office "MELTING POT @ 8PM ON NEW YEARS EVE SO YOU GIRLS CAN STILL GO OUT AFTERWARDS!" I'm like What in the world!?!?! ME?!? And both Lisa and Hillary are like yeah, you should come.

First of all...I'm a temp. I could be gone any day. Second of all who makes plans 2 months in advance?!?! Apparently they cute! I felt honored. Who wants to be my date for this extra curricular activity? ;)

Tonight mom and I went straight from work to a show in Plano. Lisa and Krishna came out and it was so great to hang out and go to IHOP and everything afterwards. DARN I forgot pictures of that...oh well...Thanks guys for coming out. As weird as you are, JK! =)

Well I think that wraps it up for this week. Here are the outfits for Day 12 and 13.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Midweek Entry

Apparently it's official. I'm known as klupto around the hotel. I think it was my SECOND day on the job and the HR director told me to go borrow scissors from housekeeping. I of course promised the nice man at the desk I'd bring his scissors back. I may have sworn my first child or something I worked so hard reassuring him! After hours in the "hole" where we were setting up the haunted house we went to lunch...and back upstairs...and then I remembered. I couldn't find the scissors! So the NEXT day the guy from housekeeping came up to the office asking about the scissors and they just gave him a random pair. He even said "Are these ours?" And my coworker had to tell him no, just take them.

So now to Monday. Almost like 3 weeks later! I go to get some feminine products from a girl from housekeeping. And a DIFFERENT employee says "Hey Shawna" yeah he's Turkish "Hey Shawna, did you come to steal some more scissors?"

WHAAAAT!!! This is a random guy who was not affiliated with the previous story...I'm the scissor thief from HR. That's what they call me when I'm not around. =(

I was a little insecure about Monday's outfit. Didn't feel like it screamed "ME." So at lunch the director of engineering asked me who dressed me. Apparently my outfit didn't pass his fashion test. Haha

Wednesday Lisa was out sick so it was one of those sink or swim days for me! I taught myself how to use their fancy fax machine, found payroll (so many doors and staircases around here!) and even found the 4th floor conference room. WHOOHOO! I
feel like a mole down here in this basement...

Culinary Corner:
I get lunch free at this assignment and most of it is not vegetarian friendly. Luckily they have a salad bar with fresh spinach everyday, so I usually stick to salad and even bring my own dressing that I get made fun of for...

Monday: Spinach salad with carrots, cucumber and croutons. I threw some tuna and guacamole on the plate. For a hot food I chose some rosemary potatoes...mmm yum!

Today's free lunch consisted of the same salad from Monday minus tuna and guac. I had left my dressing in the cafeteria and was so sad about it! But I found it with the condiments. How cool is that!?! For a hot dish they had leek and potato soup. I put some cheese on top, tada!

Oh I made a box for the Thanksgiving food drive. See the following:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Temp Work

As a temp you either find yourself busy being everyone's beckon call or you find yourself with a whole lotta NOTHING to do. Fortunately enough my most recent assignment has been pretty good to me. Not only do I keep busy for the majority of my day but I'm treated fairly as an equal.

Last week we had our big Halloween party where the employee's families came in to enjoy dinner and what we called "scary treats". =)

One of the first things I was asked when I came into this job was if I'd be willing to be a "scary" character for the party. Apparently its not the desire of most to scare children as a dead creature or something. I of course had fun with it and came as a dead prom queen/zombie princess/scary?

They went all out with a haunted house, craft stations, full on dinner, a little movie theater. It was awesome! The Haunted House was pretty intense made up of 2 rooms including a cemetery and a science lab! I of course stayed in the cemetery and worked on being scary.

Tuesday I was given an assignment for 530-1100AM! Lets just say I am really a night owl and could never do that shift on a regular basis! Spent like 30 minutes chillin with an employee from Thailand. We talked food and culture and I was eventually invited to stay with family in his homeland. It was a nice and unexpected treat from the Lord. Pretty general assingment. I was in bed by 9PM, totally exhausted!

I missed 2 outfits for this week but these were 3 that I got pictures of (can't forget the zombie outfit, I was on the clock):

I'll leave you all with the challenge to not completely give up at work! Frump works on a rainy day in the house but you spend more than half of your life at the 9-5. It sure makes me keep my chin up when I feel good about what I'm wearing. =)