Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's my hero

Hi. I'm here because Serah finally did it (www.zahray.blogspot.com). Yup, she's my hero and I want to be her when I grow up. Well I am on round 4 in Cyprus and desire to communicate. I have been a part of the ministries blogs, I've had my "Myspace" blog but this is my first official.

I am accountable for every word I put on here and I want it to stay that way. Not only out of respect of my family and friends but as well to honor God and Gateways.

Subscriptions. If you want to hear what G
ods doing in Cyprus, Israel and the nations through me and GBI then you may be interested. But I do have to say we have some fun doing it. Serving God IS FUN!

I love people, movies and food so thats what I'll be blogging about. Especially food. Tonight on the menu I'm cooking Parmesan tilapia (SO GOOD!). But Tony has asked to cook the main course so I'm going to let him lead. So cute, I feel like I'm seeing last year students step up.

So anywhoo, lets have some fun. Here is a photo blog of 2009 so far!

We have an Ikea now. Rena took us our first Shabbat on the island. It was a ladies day out on the town! What what!

This is the
consecrated staff for the year with Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph at our first community Shabbat. We've had a few Shabbats since then. I'm going to just make this fast so I can catch up on my pictures!

Here is a glimpse of my new life in the office as the administrative assistant, front desk, face of Gateways...take your pick. =)


  1. i love it and i love you! i want to know you forever.

  2. Cuute, but i'm ready for new pictures!! bring it on lil laday

  3. I love it! I will be your favorite fan and read your blog as faithfully as I read the gts blog last year. Love ya!

  4. School has been going for a while now... Is there going to be a class blog like years gone past too?

    Love ya Xauny!

  5. Polka dots always remind me of you.

  6. Xauny !!! I love reading your blog and I checked out the once from France ... Amazing...just Amazing !!! You look glowing !!! I hope someday you get to meet all the new men in my life ...hahah you are in my prayers !!! xoxox besos