Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Week!

Sunday was testimony day and I spent the majority of my time in the kitchen with Cas. We made a Middle Eastern lentil soup with a typical fruit salad and wheat pita. I had a need to wear something fashionable and wouldn't let being in the kitchen all day hold me back!

After dinner we went over to Chandy and Sarah’s to celebrate Gwen’s birthday. We made it kinda fun and blind folded Gwen and led her through the rain out to the car. Julia and I made apple crisp which I don’t normally enjoy but it ended up being pretty tasty.

5 cups of sliced apples

4 tbsp sugar

Peel about 10-12 apples and thinly slice them. Layer them on an ungreased glass baking pan. Mix in 3-4 tbsp of sugar.

¼ cup flour

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup chopped almonds

½ cup butter

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut in butter until the mixture is crumbly. Both Sarah and I noticed it could have used a bit more topping. So if you like the crunchy topping I’d suggest doubling it. Cook at 200 Celsius for about 20-25 minutes or until the apples are cooked and the topping golden brown.

It would have been perfect to serve with vanilla ice-cream but we used 2liters of heavy whipping cream mixed with some icing sugar and it was a great substitute.

I brought a couple liters of milk and we also made some hot chocolate that we served in little Indian Chai cups. The group started playing some card games and we all visited with each other around the Thomas’ amazing wood burning stove!

Everyone began to play “Lick-It and Stick-It” where they put names of famous people (even though
Isaac Rudolph somehow got himself) on a piece of paper and put it on your forehead. Then by asking yes or no questions, you try and find out who you are.

I had some catch up time with Mrs. Rudolph and got excited about this week assisting her with Deliverance Class. In preparation for the class, God has been speaking to me so much out of Psalms 51 especially in verse 10: Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Not only is there a desire to have more layers of freedom, but I want to be prepared by fasting and praying for the 2nd year students. To set an atmosphere that is conducive for the Lord to move in our lives that we can become more and more like Him.

There are so many scriptures that encourage us to purify and restore our lives to what the Lord intended through the blood of Jesus but the one that we’ve been really focused on in class is Ephesians 4. The unity of the body is ultimately a result of getting ourselves right with God. In the end of the chapter Paul says how to get rid of all the ugly things in us (bitterness, rage and anger, etc) and how to treat one another verse 32: be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. It’s SO good!!!

I am so provoked to see us fulfill Yeshua’s commission in Mark
16:15-18 and to do it ALL. Not pick and choose what is convenient for me. Let’s just say week 1 has been very exciting for me!

Along with assisting Mrs. Rudolph in her deliverance class I have been attending to my administrative duties in the office and trying my best to keep up with all the birthday festivities.

We celebrated with Julia Tuesday night at Matt and Serah’s for her 22nd birthday. After a day of shopping for all 4 birthdays this week, I helped Serah cook queso and get her house ready for the party. Along with the queso we made sangria’s and Isaac took the opportunity to cut David’s hair.

Other than my washer machine being broken since we’ve moved in, icy village roads and waiting for Cytanet to set up the internet in my office I have been trying to make business as usual and its been hard to have a presence in the office everyday. Since the base moved and the “main office” is across the street from the Fraktis building, it feels a bit funny sitting there alone, without a phone. But by Friday we had internet up with the phones running and quickly all the work stations were full of interns and staff working on their responsibilities!

Office hours are supposed to be 10-4 on Fridays but as usual it didn’t close until
about 6PM! I ran to Shabbat late and frazzled but enjoyed Remi’s beautiful Middle Eastern spread with his perfectly toasted croutons, flavorful mushrooms and rich Israeli cheesecake.

Today Julia and I woke up early to have a nice Shabbat breakfast with our girls. The menu was the following: chocolate chip pancakes, fried eggs, hot chocolate, honey and halloumi that was left over from lunch on Thursday. Around
10AM Sandra picked us up and took us over to the Heidel’s where we babysat Yahron, Aviel and Rebekah while their parents took a well deserved weekend getaway in town. During nap time we took the opportunity to watch a few episodes of Lost Season 5. I can’t wait to get caught up so we can join everyone in watching the FINAL season that’s on right now.

Total random fact: I think it’s hilarious that one of the only English shows I’ve ever watched here on TV in Cyprus is Ugly Betty…I haven’t even ever seen it in the States! So weird.


  1. Your blog always makes me hungry :-)
    Thanks for sharing what the Lord's been teaching you...that makes me hungry too!

  2. I'm liking the stylish hats you wear in the kitchen now.