Friday, February 19, 2010

A trip to town...

Monday mornings I work in Mini-Flight School with Chelsea and David. The Lord has been doing so much in the children and also speaking to us, the teacher’s through Hannah’s deeply sought out revelations and God ordained lessons. I once asked Hannah why she was working so hard on the curriculum when there is so much free “Sunday school” material out there. She told me the Lord had really given her a heart and revelation for what He wanted to do with the kids this year and I felt even more inspired to spend these precious moments with the children seeking the Lord for our children.

So a particular Monday Hannah asked us to read Ephesians 5:8 “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” After we read it we asked the children to close their eyes and ask the Lord to speak to them. Even though they are young (most are under 3) and love to play and be silly, there is a reverence that comes upon them when we pray and silence ourselves before God. After 30 seconds of the children listening, we asked them if Jesus said anything to them. Most of the children said He did and were excited to share visions the Lord gave them or just the simple “hi” from their Creator. It was such a touching moment that we (the teachers) began to cry knowing that these moments will define their lifelong relationships with the Lord.

Everyday has a special emphasis and we write cards and letters to extended members of our community that are no longer here in Cyprus. Later on that day Abigail asked me who had written down Ephesians 5:8 on one of the cards and I told her it was our scripture verse for the day. Abby quickly exclaimed how Ephesians 5:8 was a theme for the worship for the “adults” and God was really speaking to everyone. I was super encouraged by this knowing that God was doing the same in MFS as he was upstairs in the worship room.

The next Tuesday, Serah had many errands to run. I took this opportunity to get some QT with one of the most Godly, serving and loving leaders and favorite friends in my life! With our busy schedule's, running errands together and catching some lunch is a privilege. Serah had a huge list of errands so I decided to follow along with my camera.

We made keys

Saw some of the carnival floats

Paid car insurance
Went to the post office where I got a fabulous shot of Serah mailing a letter. Totally reminds me of France with Rachel Potter pretending to mail letters in a red box...
Went to the bank where I posed next to an ATM.

Took the stairs...

Noticed a guy who wasn't half bad looking. After walking outside I asked Serah if she thought he was a Cyporite. She doubted it for reasons most of you can guess and I said next time we see a good looking man we will ask him if he's Cyporite and if he is we're getting a picture for the blog! Serah dared me to go back in and ask him, knowing full well you can't DARE me to do something if you don't expect me to do it! He ended up being a natural born Cyporite so I took the picture and left him there puzzled!
Somehow Serah read a sign outside this deli/grocer that they had avocados on sale for 1.50 euro a kilo or something we made an unplanned stop for some goodies.
Stopped to get Isaac some material for his newest fundraiser: selling homemade tube scarves. He gave me props for my thread matching skills.

Then we finally went to Angelina's which is a cute little Thai take away restraunt. It really is some of the best thai food in the world. Serah and I always get vegetable green curry with rice, pad thai and the spring rolls. Depending on the weather we usually enjoy it on the beach with some starbucks. Luckily it was sunny out and we were able to keep up with tradition vs. sneaking into the Starbucks and eating upstairs!

I forgot to get an Carrefour and Orphanides picture but we finished up our trip grocery shopping. We reminisced about our days in Geneva shopping at Giante and hoping one day we'll be in France together again! Those were some of the best times of our lives...I had to get a chocolate milkshake and enjoyed it as we drove back up the mountain.

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