Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Ladies Behind the Information

The last couple of years I have been the Gateways CSI (central source of information) and this title has continued on into the Streams Events we have in Cyprus. The greeters welcome the guests but our job is to educate!

This year I have had the honor of co-infoing with Cas. She is a great asset and we both manage the information table where we sell worship CD’s and teaching recordings for the ministry. We also have sign up sheets, flyers, brochures with informative facts on the ministry.

One way we are helpful is directing people to the bathroom. I remember learning once that is the number one question people have. Ever since then I have quickly found out where the bathroom is so I can have that answer ready on hand!

We should be quick to instruct the attendees with our upcoming events, sign up sheets (Do you receive our emails? Well here’s how!), how to get to the Streams blog ( and other data about the ministry that is included in our Gateways pamphlet.

One fun part of being apart of the info table is dressing up a bit, professionally that is. At the last Streams event, Chelsea and I matched. This last event I didn’t even talk to Cas about what I was wearing and we just naturally coordinated.

Its fun to be informative, helpful, edifying and greet the faces that are turning into names and friends on the island!

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  1. You are adorable, but the Streams blog is :)