Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Temp Work

As a temp you either find yourself busy being everyone's beckon call or you find yourself with a whole lotta NOTHING to do. Fortunately enough my most recent assignment has been pretty good to me. Not only do I keep busy for the majority of my day but I'm treated fairly as an equal.

Last week we had our big Halloween party where the employee's families came in to enjoy dinner and what we called "scary treats". =)

One of the first things I was asked when I came into this job was if I'd be willing to be a "scary" character for the party. Apparently its not the desire of most to scare children as a dead creature or something. I of course had fun with it and came as a dead prom queen/zombie princess/scary?

They went all out with a haunted house, craft stations, full on dinner, a little movie theater. It was awesome! The Haunted House was pretty intense made up of 2 rooms including a cemetery and a science lab! I of course stayed in the cemetery and worked on being scary.

Tuesday I was given an assignment for 530-1100AM! Lets just say I am really a night owl and could never do that shift on a regular basis! Spent like 30 minutes chillin with an employee from Thailand. We talked food and culture and I was eventually invited to stay with family in his homeland. It was a nice and unexpected treat from the Lord. Pretty general assingment. I was in bed by 9PM, totally exhausted!

I missed 2 outfits for this week but these were 3 that I got pictures of (can't forget the zombie outfit, I was on the clock):

I'll leave you all with the challenge to not completely give up at work! Frump works on a rainy day in the house but you spend more than half of your life at the 9-5. It sure makes me keep my chin up when I feel good about what I'm wearing. =)

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